Schools and organizations have a unique opportunity in Play by Play Productions.

Whether we are live-streaming your sporting events, commencement exercises or holiday concert, our platform for live streaming and recorded video integrates the latest hardware and software with the expertise of professional broadcasters.  Athletic directors can count on the the exciting and insightful play-by-play commentary of seasoned broadcaster Simon Rosenwasser and his handpicked team to pull your viewers in and keep them engaged.  For special events the same experts guide your production, building your school’s reputation as a powerhouse and innovator every step of the way.

Your viewers will enjoy high-end
multi-camera productions,
complete  with close-ups,
cutaways, and instant replays.


Play by Play chooses from
the latest technology partners,
so your broadcasts will always
be on the cutting edge.


Going live pays big dividends.  An effective live-streaming program is fast becoming a “must-have” for schools who want to remain competitive, innovative and engaging.  Our job at Play by Play is to kick-start  your broadcasts so you can enjoy the benefits sooner than later.

  • Gain a dynamic communication and relationship channel with all your audiences — students, faculty, alumni, family, sponsors, community partners.
  • Build your image and brand as a welcoming and innovative institution.
  • Distinguish yourself from others vying for the same  eyeballs and touch points.
  • Enhance your ranking  in search results at Google, YouTube and Bing with a professional video platform.
  • Cultivate new donations and revenue streams such as pay-per-view, subscription, and sponsorship.

Ask About These Optional Program Upgrades
  • Special team and player feature videos
  • Post-game Wrap-up and Interviews
  • Coaching Profiles
  • Sponsorship Revenue
  • Audience Analytics
  • Email Marketing
  • Portal and Streaming Management