We’ll Get Them Up Kicking and Streaming!

Play by Play Sports Network blends the human element of exciting play-by-play announcing with the newest multi-camera technology for professional live-streaming of your games and tournaments to parents,grandparents, prospective students, alumni and other fans.  They will enjoy all the action as it happens – on their phones, tablets, computers, and smart tv’s.

With Play-by-Play Sports Network, your broadcasts are a powerful extension of your athletic program, a fitting expression of your team’s and school’s quest for excellence.

Elevating Your Sports Program is Not a Game.

We take it seriously and make it easy for you to step in to the world of live streaming, fast becoming a requirement for  schools and organizations that want to remain competitive, innovative and engaging.

Live Streaming Made Simple

Pre-production:  We conduct the  research that makes play-by-play commentary so effective and exciting.  This is also the time for you to inform all parents, sponsors and boosters who can’t get to the stadium that you will be streaming the game live  to their phones, tablets, computers and smart TV’s.

Gameday: Your fans visit the Play by Play website or your own branded viewing page  to enjoy all the action in high-definition.

Post-Production:  Your games remain available for unlimited viewing indefinitely on the Play by Play website. This is also the time to strategize about how to maximize and leverage your viewing audience and the benefits such a dynamic program generates for your school.